Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wedding Dresses - is Buying Online a Good Idea?

Your Bridal Gown is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. With so many other purchases to be made that are not quite as exciting as purchasing your special gown should you consider purchasing your gown online?

Is it part of the wedding planning experience to visit a salon with your mother and girlfriends? Is there a special feeling that comes with selecting the perfect dress at a cozy, inviting salon? Is sharing this experience with family and friends part of the wedding plan? This is a personal choice for all brides.

What are the differences? Should you buy your Bridesmaid dresses, Flower girl dresses online? Should the Mother of the Bride and Groom buy online? Should you only purchase in a salon?
The dress manufacturers are not concerned about how or where you purchase your dresses. They manufacture the same for full service salons and online stores. Bridal dresses are generally made to order therefore you should allow about four months for delivery.
There are several reasons why Bridal dresses are made to order however the main reason is because each and every dress must be in perfect condition when delivered. Warehousing dresses can cause damage and adds to production costs.
Because Bridal dresses are made to order the manufacturers and retailers have a very strict all sales are final policy. There are exceptions if you receive something you didn't order or if the dress arrives damaged. If you receive something you didn't order or it is damaged the retailer you purchased from must be notified immediately. The manufacturers will not allow returns later than a week or so. This policy is strict to prevent wearers from using dresses for an event with the intention to return it when the event is over.

Selecting the style, size and color of your dresses is definitely easier to do when you visit a salon. You will be able to try on dresses. A consultant will assist with sizing, show you fabric swatches and make professional recommendations for accessories. You will be paying a consultant fee in the salon as the consultants receive commissions for their sales.
Ordering dresses online does not offer the same services as a salon as it is impossible to show you the actual dresses. Images, color samples and size charts are provided. Colors especially will vary by computer monitor. Here lies the problem with online shopping. You will save a lot of money but will it be worth it to you? Can you risk purchasing sight unseen with a strict all sales are final policy?
Some consumers will visit a salon and try on a dress that they want to purchase and then go research a better price online. They can and do purchase online when they find the exact dress they have tried on in a salon. This type of shopping can work without problems.

You may find then when visiting a salon your consultant may not be as helpful as you would like as online shopping has become so popular they are privy to the fact that you may be using their services with no intention to purchase from them.

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