Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bold Red Wedding Dresses for This Year

     Whether you choose a simple flowing gown or complicated wedding dress with ruffles and embellishments, wearing a red wedding dress will not only take you in a different direction than most traditional weddings but will also make your wedding day special and memorable. Red is the color of love and in Chinese culture it is a color of luck. Wearing red may not be traditional for Western weddings, but the color of red is very traditional in China and India. If you decide to wear red for your 2010 wedding, here are some top designers with great dresses for you to choose.

Maggie Sottero has one of the most popular red dresses in this mermaid-style dress known as the Amara Royale. Embellished in either silver or gold, this strapless dress flares out to the floor with white lace accents underneath. The corset fit makes your figure look like a mermaid with curves around the hips, and this dress starts at $400.

Maggie Sottero strikes again with this Fiorenza dress that is Spanish or Italian style that folds up the fabric into flower motifs with a long train out the back. A matching hairpiece comes with it. Embellished in crystal and beads, this lovely dress is available for $750 from Online Formals.

David's Bridalkeeps their wedding dress collection fresh with a white dress with red trim and a train for $450. The red has lace highlights all around the front and on the train. While not wholly red, this dress is beautiful with deep red and white combining for a romantic strapless wedding dress.

Zoom Bridal has a red cathedral dress for only $210 if you are on a budget and want a red wedding dress. White embroidery embellishes the dress all over on this sleeveless floor length dress. If you are Cinderella going to the ball, this budget dress will do nicely and still look good on you.
 Red Wedding Dress

Forever Yours also has an affordable red wedding dress for $206. Made of taffeta, there is a flower motif along one hip and a train out the back. The toga-wrap around style is strapless and flows in a beautiful and simple design.

Here is one last dress from Maggie Sottero, not because I have to because I want to. Maggie Sottero has the best wedding dresses, period, including the best red ones you can find for a good price. This Capri strapless will have you feeling like a queen with this perfect ball style gown with gathers all over the bottom of the dress in taffeta. If you really want the best red dress, stick with Maggie Sottero and William Browning.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Best Prom Dresses and Accessories for this year

As a follow-up to an old article on Spring fashion trends, I decided to do some additional research into the trends for this spring's prom dresses. It was, to say the least, eye opening, interesting and lots of fun. 

My trip to the local mall uncovered most of the same trends that I found at local boutiques as well as online. Here are the places I visited and that are reflected in this article: 
  • Dillards,
  • Macy's,
  • J.C. Penny,
  • Sears,
  • Catherines,
  • Chocolate Soup Boutique,
  • Deb Shop,
  • Magnolia Boutique,
  • Moniques,
  • Claire's Boutique,
  • Icing,
  • Elegant Fashions,
  • Payless Shoes,
  • Shoe Carnival,
  • Rack Room Shoes,
  • Shoe City, and
  • Burlington Coat Factory.
         I found it both interesting and exciting to see that many of the styles hearken back to the soft, romantic fashions of my day. I even found a prom dress very much like the one that I wore to my prom. However, there were also dresses with a decidedly modern twist; with a geometric feel. To me this indicates that the definitive "anything goes" trend of spring fashion seems to also apply to prom wear.

   I saw a lot of beautiful strapless gowns of tulle, chiffon, and organza in princess cut skirts designed to make their wearers both look and feel like Cinderella. But there were just as many sophisticated, form fitting gowns with bandage straps and flirty backs in luscious satins, silks, and jerseys. There were even a few highly sophisticated metallic gowns with a bit of a futuristic point of view. And then there were also gowns that blended a bit of the old with the new, combining lace, ruffles, pleats, or feathers with delicate halters or spaghetti straps that fit like a second skin.

Color is everywhere in hot pinks as well as bright and burnt oranges, daffodil yellows, and greens ranging from lime to deep olive. There are stunning rich turquoises, drop dead reds, soft pinks and wispy blues. But, blacks and whites also remain strong and metallics of gold, silver, bronze, and copper will definitely take center stage.

This year's gowns need not be solid in color. There will be mixed colors and graduated styles as well as plenty of wild 60's prints, tropical florals and even staid polka dots. Beading and crystals galore will be combined with ribbon and lace trims adorning gowns in unusual places like across the shoulder or around the waist.

There will be a lot of feminine pin tucking and soft ruching and lots of wide belts, both built in and added on. Expect to see floral appliques and embroidery all over as well as mere accent here and there. Think Old Hollywood glam with soft hip draping, fishtail hems, and an emphasis on the bust line.

Think both the long and the short of it because both are appropriate, although it looks as if floor-sweeping gowns are certain to make a big comeback this year. There will even be a few handkerchief hems and calf-length gowns to round out the picture.
Go simple, go elegant, or go over the top because this spring, each is equally acceptable. Accessories will include matching shawls, shrug jackets, and simple scarves. I even saw a few fake furs although I doubt that trend will have a strong following among most teenagers.

Shoes will focus heavily on strappy sandals in fabric, satin, ribbon, and rhinestone designs. They will be sexy in nature and high in length (from 2" to 4"). However, satin pumps, dyed to match gowns, will also remain strong and even a few ballerina slippers will find their way to the prom.

A major accessory for this year's prom will be the right undergarments. Spanx and other good body shapers will smooth and shape from under the bust to the ankle to prevent anything jiggly from showing underneath those body-hugging styles. Both strapless and invisible bras will be a requirements for many of this year's fashions and double stick tape will be an absolute must.

Some prom designers are recommending lacy gloves. It remains to be seen if that trend takes hold. It may well depend on the area of the country, the design of the dress, and the individual wearer's personal taste.

Jewelry will be both elegant and simple. Some will choose major bling with long drop and chandelier earrings from about 2" to shoulder duster length. Others will stick with simple pearl or diamond like studs or more delicate earrings. A major focus will be on the wrist with wide crystal and rhinestone cuffs and bangle bracelets of all kind.s

            Necklaces will be reserved for less decorative dresses and will definitely be individualized to the wearer's taste. There will be some with major bling, delicate pearls, and simple pendants. The one certainty about jewelry this year is that it will express an opinion.

Proms in this year should be colorful, playful, and loads of fun; with something for just about everyone. I almost wish I could attend, aslo said Charlotte Kuchinsky, the original author of the ideeas presented in this article.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wedding Dresses - is Buying Online a Good Idea?

Your Bridal Gown is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. With so many other purchases to be made that are not quite as exciting as purchasing your special gown should you consider purchasing your gown online?

Is it part of the wedding planning experience to visit a salon with your mother and girlfriends? Is there a special feeling that comes with selecting the perfect dress at a cozy, inviting salon? Is sharing this experience with family and friends part of the wedding plan? This is a personal choice for all brides.

What are the differences? Should you buy your Bridesmaid dresses, Flower girl dresses online? Should the Mother of the Bride and Groom buy online? Should you only purchase in a salon?
The dress manufacturers are not concerned about how or where you purchase your dresses. They manufacture the same for full service salons and online stores. Bridal dresses are generally made to order therefore you should allow about four months for delivery.
There are several reasons why Bridal dresses are made to order however the main reason is because each and every dress must be in perfect condition when delivered. Warehousing dresses can cause damage and adds to production costs.
Because Bridal dresses are made to order the manufacturers and retailers have a very strict all sales are final policy. There are exceptions if you receive something you didn't order or if the dress arrives damaged. If you receive something you didn't order or it is damaged the retailer you purchased from must be notified immediately. The manufacturers will not allow returns later than a week or so. This policy is strict to prevent wearers from using dresses for an event with the intention to return it when the event is over.

Selecting the style, size and color of your dresses is definitely easier to do when you visit a salon. You will be able to try on dresses. A consultant will assist with sizing, show you fabric swatches and make professional recommendations for accessories. You will be paying a consultant fee in the salon as the consultants receive commissions for their sales.
Ordering dresses online does not offer the same services as a salon as it is impossible to show you the actual dresses. Images, color samples and size charts are provided. Colors especially will vary by computer monitor. Here lies the problem with online shopping. You will save a lot of money but will it be worth it to you? Can you risk purchasing sight unseen with a strict all sales are final policy?
Some consumers will visit a salon and try on a dress that they want to purchase and then go research a better price online. They can and do purchase online when they find the exact dress they have tried on in a salon. This type of shopping can work without problems.

You may find then when visiting a salon your consultant may not be as helpful as you would like as online shopping has become so popular they are privy to the fact that you may be using their services with no intention to purchase from them.

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